Cotton lace crochet accessories

Cotton lace is also called mallet lace, that is, the principle is the same as the manual mallet lace. Its basic unit is the intersection formed by the intersection of two lines. Each type of lace is formed by the arrangement and combination of the intersections. On the machine, it is expressed as The rotation of the spindle. That is, the rotor rotates the adjacent spindles, so that the exchange of positions forms an intersection, and different rotation combinations form laces of different shapes. Cotton lace crocheted clothing, commonly known as hand crochet, is a traditional Chaoshan craft. It can be said to be a unique skill. It has a long history and national culture. One stitch and one thread can be made into a piece in the hands of ingenious Chaoshan women. Fashionable and beautiful clothing. A good piece of clothing is a poem, a painting, a song, and it is a kind of sentiment and a feeling of beauty through the harmonious combination of colors, shapes, materials, and stitches.

Lace is a kind of embroidery, also known as drawnwork. It is a decorative hollow product made by embroidering or weaving with cotton, twine, silk or various fabrics as raw materials.

There are various patterns and patterns, which are used as ribbon-like fabrics for decoration and used as moldings or borders for various clothing, curtains, tablecloths, bedspreads, lampshades, and bedding. Lace is divided into four categories: machine weaving, knitting, embroidery and knitting. The lace interwoven with silk yarn is used more among the ethnic minorities in our country, so it is also called ethnic lace. The patterns are mostly auspicious patterns. The woven lace has a tight texture, a three-dimensional pattern and rich colors. The knitted lace is loosely organized, has obvious holes, and has a light and elegant appearance. The number of embroidered lace colors is unlimited, and complex patterns can be made. Knitted lace is made by lace machine, and it can also be knitted by hand.